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Publisher: Michelle Graham Publishing

The Double Life of Trina Ross (PDF eBook)

SKU: 978-1-7386405-0-8
  • Katrina “Trina” Ross was born to teenage parents. She hasn’t met her father and she never will. Her mother struggled as a single mom but worked hard to be successful and give Trina a secure life.

    Now a senior in high school, Trina is interested in Omari Hamilton, the sweetest, most popular guy around. Trina doesn’t expect him to ever notice her, but when he finally does, the attraction between Trina and Omari is undeniable, no matter what Taylor Winter, school ice queen, tries to do about it.

    Trina’s life feels perfect until her mother starts to change, and Trina doesn’t know what to do. Facing eviction from their home and desperate for cash, Trina finds herself entangled in a daring world she wants to keep hidden from the guy she loves. But when her life begins to unravel, Trina realizes she could lose everything, and there might be no way out.

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