Frequently asked questions

How much do we charge for the projects?

We generally charge based on the project categories. Such as Commercial/ Residential for Architecture/Product/Interiors . Please find the details mentioned below for your reference. All the prices are based on INR and for accurate pricing you may call us at +919611424048 or mail us at sales@elysianz.com. Architecture ( Exterior )

  1. Residential properties like houses, villas etc are charged generally from 5K as a base price.
  2. Commercial properties such as high rise buildings, shopping malls or hospitality projects can start from 10K as a starting price.
Pricing mentioned here are generic so please mail/call us to get exact pricing of your project requirement. Product
  1. Furniture product renders starts from 3K as a base price. The pricing can change if the background requirement is a complex scene.
  2. Industrial product designs tends to be different from project to project but an ideal starting price would be 5K per view.
For products there may be an additional charge of 1-5K depending on the complexity of the project. The same will be communicated during the project discussion. Interiors
  1. Residential properties have a starting price of 3K per view as a base price. In case if the project has the requirement of some accent furniture which has to be modelled then the pricing of those products will be added as extra.
  2. Commercial properties are generally shops, gym, hospitality projects etc. These projects will have a base price of 5K per view and the custom model requirements will be charged extra.
3D Model Pricing of the model is mentioned here as a reference point for the clients whom will be needing custom furniture/products to be showcased in their visuals than our stock models. Basic modular furnitures can be accommodated within the project pricing but not the complex accent type products. Generally the pricing ranges from 1k - 12K depending on the complexity of the product, It can be a chair model to a complex sculpture hence such a huge variation in pricing range.

What are the files needed for commencing a project?

We only need CAD files of the project and few reference images to get a better idea about your concept & material requirements. For architecture projects its essential to send us an elevation CAD in case Sketchup files are not available.

Where are you located?

Our primary location is in Calicut, Kerala. We also operate in Bangalore, Karnataka as majority of our client base are from Bangalore. Due to current Covid scenario we're not operating from commercial space so in case our sales person's presence is needed please book a schedule by contacting us at +919611424048.

How much time does it take to complete a visual ?

We believe in delivering a better quality service to our clients so the more time you provide us the better quality we can provide for you. Generally it takes 2-4 days for an area to be completed in an average scaled project. For accurate timeline its crucial to see the project details so kindly contact us at +919611424048 or email us at thufail@elysianz.com