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The Eastbrook Diaries 
(New Edition)  

Whenever Mya Brooks thinks about it, her palms get sweaty, she gets a queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, and her mouth goes desert-dry. Starting high school can do that to a girl. She soon discovers that fitting in at Eastbrook High School is the key to survival. 


As Mya and her friends begin grade 10, their friendship is put to the test. Jasmine Price always vowed she’d never hang out with a popular girl after one of them walked off with her boyfriend, but she believes she has what it takes to be one of them. She thinks she can beat them at their own game. Roland is searching for a girlfriend. He finds someone he likes, and he thinks she likes him, but she’s his teacher. Mya’s parents keep having the same fight, and she’s losing her best friend, Jasmine, to the popular crew.


As Mya, Jasmine, and Roland deal with the challenges in their families and their friendship, can they resist the pressure and battle through the secrets and lies? Or will the rulers of the school break them one by one?

Print length: 198 pages

Publisher: Michelle Graham Publishing

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Sweet & Sour Honey (New Edition)

First love can be an amazing experience, but what would you do if you found yourself in a situation that could mean the end of the relationship, and the end of your own life?


After her parents break up, Sheneil Jordan and her mother move to another city where Sheneil dreads going to a new high school, but things get better when she is reunited with an old friend that now goes to the same school. Sheneil also meets the boy of her dreams — only to find out he's actually the boy of her nightmares. DeShaun Michaels, the cute basketball player with a dreamy smile, is the same guy that used to tease Sheneil endlessly back in elementary school. Sheneil tries to resist him, but she soon swallows her pride and admits he's become a good guy. With a little matchmaking, they get together.


Although first love is sweet for her, Sheneil soon finds her relationship with DeShaun could be torn apart by his sassy ex-girlfriend, his jealous best friend, and a greater threat that could end everything for good.

Print length: 150 pages

Publisher: Michelle Graham Publishing

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It Could Never
Happen to Me
(New Edition)

Thirteen-year-old Keisha Morgan is overwhelmed when her attractive new stepbrother takes an interest in her. When his interest becomes sexual, she must decide how to handle the shame and confusion that result from his actions. Keisha must also decide how to support her best friend, Trisha, who has to deal with the consequences of hooking up with random guys.


It Could Never Happen to Me is a frank and realistic take on sexual activity and abuse among young teens. The story provides a point of reference for readers to talk about complicated subject matter that is often uncomfortable — for both youths and adults — to discuss.

Print length: 174 pages

Publisher: Michelle Graham Publishing

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New Release - 2023

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