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Angelot Ndongmo 

Author of the

Loving Me™ Series

"(It Could Never Happen to Me)  is so well written and engaging from start to finish. There isn't anything like it out there. Highly recommended."

"(It Could Never Happen to Me) is brilliant. Heartbreaking. Harrowing. Sickening at times. But brilliant."

Crystal Luckey 

Goodreads review - 5/5 stars

"(Sweet & Sour Honey) was a great YA book to read and touched on tough subjects for teenagers. This was my first book by this author and she didn't disappoint with this story!!" 


Between the Reads Podcast
Goodreads review - 5/5 stars

"I don't want to ruin anything about (The Eastbrook Diaries) so all I have left to say is this book is a perfect storm of circumstances that cause them all to make choices that lead to broken hearts, broken friendships, and broken homes."

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